Friday, April 3, 2009

Oh, Flood!

Oh, Flood .....

I studied water engineering and hydraulics as subjects while going through civil engineering degree course at University of Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, decades ago. Dealing with dams, drainage, catchment area on a bigger scale has little resemblance with drainage on a little plot of ours... Heavy rainfalls from time to time, point out the way surface water move around our plot .... Sometime last year, january I think, there was a 6 inches poodle at the edge of the dry yard ( the place we hang cloths) .... Luckily the minor flood didnt stay long ......

So we do have varying wetness of soil throughout the plot, now made very pronounced with the shade of banana and papaya plant ... The wetter part is very natural to banana and pandan .... and zephyr lily likes it too ..... But serai or lemongrass love sandier and drier part...

This is a rough sketch of the way surface water move around our plot ....., it shows how the housing developer plans for surface water to get into drains, so the ground level is sloping towards those ..... So we went to the extend of adjusting the raised beds and the locations so that they are in tune with this requirement .....

a little sketch to help us understand about surface water
and becomes a guide
what and where to plant
according to the moisture content of the soil
and at the same time not to hinder
the designed surface water flow
towards the drains.

surface run off
will get into this and flow down the drain underneath

Yes, water is crucial to living things, but thousands are lost in floods worldwide, every year .... For our plot in Putrajaya, we would rather redefine flood as just water ponding..... That will make us a lot happier........ How's your plot?


  1. It's great that you plot this out. A very helpful guide. I never have the patience to do such a thing. I barely take time to diagram a planned bed. Good for you!

  2. Hi gardeness ... I had been moulded that way, through years of drillings, assignments and projects to come out with sketches and drawings .... haha. But the sketch really helps us to plan things out. cheers!

  3. Ah .. so you studied CE. At one time, I thought you did something that has a lot to do with Botany. Seems like you know so much about plants. Blossom Blooms

  4. lili....
    I guess plants are colour blind.... my heavily tanned hands are seen as GREEN.... therefore gardening will continue to be something I enjoy toying with ..... cheers!

  5. Bangchik, I think you should visit and add this post to their design workshop on water-wise gardening. It is a good post and would be useful to refer to.

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)

  6. Thanks sylvia for stopping by .... I will check out gardeninggonewild soon... cheers!

  7. What a fab diagram, it makes the story so clear. Great that you have something to work to, there are plants out there that love all sorts of conditions. It's a challenge but I have a feeling you're up to it!!

  8. Thanks carrie ... gardening is a real challenge ..

  9. Nice guide. Our weather is usually so dry it doesn't matter.

  10. ... thanks Kim and victoria .. rain is daily happening here ... cheers!

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