Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our plant is aging....

It seems every living thing will somehow succumb to the fate of life. My bitter gourd plants are of no exception. Leaves are getting smaller and browner and the fruits (bitter gourds) are coming out with awkward shapes and of smaller sizes.... Those are signs of plants about to pass their prime... sad but thats the way life is ....

Shot from bottom
look at the brown leaves.

shots from bottom
look at fruit, the shape is becoming very awkward, and leaves getting browner,
a sure sign of plant aging....

the climbing curls
is attaching itself on a the dead leaf...

The curl
is attaching itself on a light brown leaf....

shoots and flowers
keep coming out, reaching out for air. A zest for life!

The shoot and curl
shooting out, fighting to the last breath.

I love bitter gourd plant because of its ability to defend itself
against pests and diseases..... We had enjoyed
many interesting dishes out of
this true fighter plant.., bitter gourd!


  1. It's sad to lose a plant friend -- my rosemary is almost 10 and not doing well! I lost my chives this year, too! I am sure you have given your bitter gourd a good life ! Janet (aka islandgardener)

  2. Hold old is your bitter gourd plant?

  3. > Janet......

    plants reincarnate somehow.... through other seeds, so there is nothing to worry about losing some...

    > K & V ...... something like 4 months of age... hmmm... so short! ... I just germinated a different gourd, ready to be planted in a week or so... the name is "terung keling".... slightly smaller than the present ones.. we will plant them at different location.

    ~ bangchik

  4. Bitter gourd is a special plant. Though bitter but the taste is nice. I buy them quite often to cook. Look forward to your terung keling planting. Happy gardening!

  5. >Stephanie.... about terung keling, I will show it in weeks to come.... but the weather is getting too hot now, I dont know how the new seedlings will handle it.... cheers! ~ bangchik


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