Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not so real flood ....

heavy downpour and little flood ........ That was saturday 11th of april. I was away on a team building program, Kakdah was at home with the children. She was quick with the camera, taken behind the glass window......... It wasnt a real flood, but enough to make us worry about the flora!!.....

water ponding

the hanging plants
were taken out towards the end of the downpour

as rains stop,
birds will fly,
fluffing their feathers,
and kids too!!...
3 little girls living next door posing
saying hi to the rest of the world!!!
(Tini, Aisya and Sofea)


  1. Wow, looks like there was a lot of rain! Does it rain like that often?

    The girls are so cute! Tell them Hello from the United States!

  2. Hello also from the United States! What a beautiful garden you have. It is so lush. Enjoy!

  3. >Laura & Jeanne

    Thanks for your "hello"... I am sure Kakdah will them them later...

    It has been raining like that... for some weeks...

  4. You get about 94 inches of rain per year! (I looked it up) WOW! Here we get about 12.
    Those neighbor girls are adorable.

  5. > Kim and Victoria

    You really looked it up?... thats great ... and now you know the kind of downpour we are experiencing....

    yes, the girls are adorable... but wait until you see the picture of boys!! ... haha .... cheers.

  6. Hello Tini, Aisya and Sofea from Kansas! The CENTER of the United States (yes, the actual geographical center of the continental US).

    I collect rain water in barrels, do you collect rain water or does it rain all year long in your garden?

  7. Hello, to the three little ladies from our three little ladies here in our garden in Pennsylvania!

  8. Hi~~ The little girls are so sweet. Please tell them hello from Albany, Oregon USA. I hope your downpour is over.

  9. >David, Kim, Grace Peterson ..... Thanks for the HELLOS to the girls.... we are somewhere in the middle of Malaysia, 30 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur International Airport.


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