Monday, April 20, 2009

stunning white and yellow flowers

I really want to unload photos taken on the weekend retreat at Banding, before they fade away and forgotten... The weather here is getting warmer (or to be exact HOTTER!), rains will fall when cloud gets heavier and darker.... At about 4pm sunday, rain was coming down with thunder and lightning .... a little scarry I have to admit... Now the photos to share......

I love this most
because of its
composition, the way
flowers group together,
allowing the little bud on the left
to squeeze through...
The bunch of flowers protrude out
leaving far behind
the green leaves.
a lovable pure white flower indeed!

yellow flowers


  1. Pretty flowers- what are they?

  2. Beautiful, I think the first photo is a jasmine
    I don't know what the yellow flower is.

  3. >Laura, Cathy... thanks, I search info through internet, jasmine is about right... some has more rounded petals, some has longish kind of petals.... I am still looking for the name of yellow flower. ... cheers!

  4. Both are beautiful flowers.

  5. I like them both, but I think the white is my favorite of the two.

  6. JC and Sue...

    Thanks, of course the white one has better composition... but the yellow sparkles too...


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