Tuesday, April 14, 2009

yellow flowers and the bee

I was walking around the Belum Rainforest Resort to view things, when I saw this large and interesting tree.... The flowers were stunningly yellow, and the whole tree was covered with flowers. ...... Very majestic and royal.... The feeling was like a dream came through.....

the little bee and yellow flower
I was about to scan
and focus
when this little thing came around looking for nectar.

the little bee
still hovering around. ......
This little bee belongs to the family of kelulut,
the type of bees which love nectar
and use cracks in trees and houses as their home.
They dont sting...

yellow flowers
and the bee

The tree
covered with beautiful yellow flowers.
This rather large tree was located
at the entrance of
Belum Rainforest Resort.

Our little vegetable garden was heavily drenched recently. The moment we thought rain is receding towards the middle of the year, cloud is getting heavier and darker.... Kakdah took a few snaps the other day on the little flood after heavy downpour. I will post it soon.


  1. Such a beautiful Tree! and nice shot of the bee

  2. That was so amazing to capture the bee like you did! The flowers are just beautiful!

  3. Great shots and courage to face those bees :-)

  4. Bees! They just love flowers like we do :-) Btw, the rain here in PJ also never seems to stop. But today, since the sun is shining brightly now, hopefully it would stay the same till evening :-) Nonetheless, have a fruitful day today!

  5. That tree is heavenly. Great photos of it and it's little visitor.

  6. > Laura , Kim and Victoria , Outside In , slandgardener , vuejardin , Bucolic Bushwick , Stephanie , Carrie .....

    It was pure luck that the little bee crossed through. But I wont let it go easily not before I finished snapping a few... haha..

    But truely, the tree was simply majestic, or as carrie said heavenly!! ~ cheers

  7. Ah the bee ... I haven't seen any since - I can't remember when. I used to see a lot of them during my earlier years at mom's place.
    And, your outing with your office mates looked fun.

  8. >David and Lili

    Thanks... they are beautiful, arent they.... Lili, as for the bee, you must have seen swollen faces stung by bees before.... I did!

  9. The branches will be good for those climbers

  10. >vuejardin.

    I am sure they are excellent for climbers!!

  11. I just love that photo of the bee...with the wings all aflutter and the little legs hanging down...great shots!

  12. >JGH
    Thanks.... its good that you like it.... it is really a rare moment to capture ..cheers!

  13. I like the first photo of the bee in motion.

    Like this yellow flowers too. I have seen many of them around Klang & Melaka. The blooms are in big bunches and they look like orchids from afar.

  14. JC.... pure luck to snap bee in motion.... the flower looks like two cups loosely joined together.... and they fall yellow snowflakes!!... cheers


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