Sunday, April 12, 2009

They trim branches along the way

The other day, municipal people came into our area, in a lorry with skylift facility, with as many as 8 people in unmistakenly blue/yellow t-shirts. One guy was holding the chainsaw .... and they inched their way along the streets and start getting on their business, trimming branches.

There were leaves and branches all over the place .... and we just asked for a few branches. Kakdah and I are still discussing what to do with these .... Hmmm ...

from lanky trees with pale pinky flowers
planted in rows along side the road.

By the look of it, these are soft woods


  1. Wow is it sunday there already? sometimes you can forget that there is a time difference..
    good luck with the branches, and for some reason no one seems to be able to pick any posts today on blotanical.

  2. Maybe you could use the branches and woods to support the crawling plants like tomatoes and others..just suggesting :)

  3. >Cathy/Outside In
    Branches still here ....

  4. I'm sure you'll find those branches handy when the time is right.

  5. I like to look at your blogg so diffrent from mine - growing peanuts and I am looking farward to see what you will do with all the braches.

  6. All those wonderful branches to create something with. lucky you.

  7. >lili
    >Maria Berg

    I have two options for the moment; as stakes for climbers or cut into shorter lengths for plant boundaries...


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