Friday, April 10, 2009

A snail missing its nap.

Morning around 10.00 am ... Kakdah went out to do her gardening chores. She switched on her new water fountain, A Clay Teapot! .... Then she saw a visitor looking really at lost ... At 10.00 am, the snail had missed its regular nap, circling round and round to find its way home.... Kakdah cant help either, because she wouldn't know its humble abode .... Kakdah was quick to capture an interesting encounter in digitised form.

A snail,
circling around to find the way home.

on the wall
now this is a different type of snail.
Smaller and flatter

How's snail in your plot? Does it look the same?


  1. I've only seen slugs in my garden. When I saw that close up of the snail I cringed- I hate slugs!

  2. When I enlarge the picture I can see what a great shot it is. Lovely snail. Do they cause any trouble in your garden? Our snails here are very small.

  3. I dislike slugs, but I think snails are beautiful...if you look at one close up! Their little faces, the antennaes...How they congregate together in little families on the wall of my house! Yes, the snails look the same in Virginia as in Malaysia, but the shells here seem larger.

  4. I hate snails in my garden. But I hate slugs more. So ugly. Urgh!

  5. Hi~~ The indigenous snails here in the Pacific Northwest of USA are more circular, less retangular. I try to ignore them since they don't really do too much damage. It's the slugs that are mean to plants. So I'm mean to them. :)

  6. Hi Bangchik! The last time I saw a snail in my garden was when it ate up some of the leaves! But the snail was bigger in size. Watch out :-)

  7. Snails yes I have them in my garden too.

    It is one of my dotter going in to the water...
    Love maria

  8. Laura
    Kim and Victoria
    Grace Peterson
    Maria Berg

    Thanks for dropping in and putting comments. There are more of those. Everytime we search through mulch, we are bound to find one or two .... I guess it is a non ending effort against snails...

    yes, on close-up, the snail looks so lovely, but some will cringe!

    ~ cheers!


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