Sunday, April 19, 2009

The fruits of Tanjung

Tanjung is abundant in Malaysia. These tree is widely accepted as ornamental tree, finding their way on roadsides, gardens and public park.... This tree found at Belum Rainforest Resort immediately attracted my attention because it matched with my childhood wildest adventure ... Some decades ago, we would climb tanjung tree and pluck the reddish fruits, very nice and edible,!.... Just like plums....... Few shots here to share ..... When I was much younger, tanjung tree was so damn enticing for climbing ... haha.

all in the bunch
flowers, little and large fruits

the matured fruits
fruits are just like children,
the eldest, the second and the third....
just look at the ripening stage!


Look at how civilised they are.
They take turns to ripen.......

Do you climb trees at some stage of your life? Do you?


  1. That tree is beautiful! Can you eat the fruit or is it ornamental only? I wasn't the tree climber in my family, my sister and twin brothers got enough stitches for all of us!

  2. I used to climb trees when I was younger; my sons are taking after me and climb the tree we have by the street in front of our house.

  3. That kind of tree doesn't grow where I live. I like your photos and the what you said about it, If you want to have a snack, it's good that the fruit don't all ripen at the same time.

    When I was a girl, we had 3 elm trees next to each other in our back yard. The neighbor kids and I would climb up one, and step over to another. I'm surprised no one fell. I think I almost did. I liked the tree in a different neighbor's yard, but we were not supposed to climb it. It had nice big places to sit and relax.

    Thanks for bringing back memories!

  4. >Heather... The fruits are very much edible. Its Ok if you were not the tree climber in the family.. haha

    >Laura... My eldest daughter was the best climber in the family.., but she must be very busy now looking after her two young children upnorth in Kedah.

    >Sue... Climbing trees gave you a different perpective on the surroundings. I guess it is natural in each one of us.... I suppose that was the way, humans survived from wild animals centuries ago, and trees became a vintage post to look out for enemies... cheers! ~ bangchik

  5. Never eat buah Tanjung before and of course never seen it here. Its kind like the red fruits sell in shops where you tend to wear lipstick when you eat it. Nice queuing fruits waiting to get matured :)

  6. I mean you get your lips red and just like wearing like to buy the fruits and me too as well haha..

  7. FJL... tanjung fruits never make their way to the markets, stalls or shops....Ladies pick flowers for fragrance... but the adventurous will pick fruits and eat.... it is really edible!!... I am still thinking which fruit you are refering to.... ~ bangchik.

  8. Thank you for the story. The view from being up in a tree is amazing. What a beautiful blog and great photos.

  9. >Red Studio....Thanks for dropping by. Your blog is beautiful too... cheers!

  10. I was the tree climber- all my friends would get stuck in them and my dad would have to come help them down! So, I'm curious as to what they taste like? Can you compare them to something I've eaten here in the US?

  11. >Tessa... It has hard seed inside, the taste is a cross between plum and peach... the taste is fairly plain, but tanjung is more famous for the fragrance of its flowers...


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