Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Winged beans at the top!

Our winged beans are growing well....... Now the shoot is at the top!!....

at the top

in the middle

at the base

If we observe well, we should notice that winged beans climb up by going round the pole for support. It goes up through anticlockwise movement if we look from the top...
Is it the same as in other beans?


  1. Interesting. Is Malaysia south of the equator? I wonder if the beans north of the equator climb in a clockwise manner.
    Go bean go!

  2. Maybe the direction depends on how the pole is angled or which side the shoot starts up the pole?

    It's fun to ponder the questions of nature!

  3. No such idea on the direction. But you can try by unwinding it and help to place in a clockwise direction. See what will happen next.

  4. > David, Laura and rainfield ....

    Malaysia is just above the equator ... thats an interesting suggestion about beans climbing in relation to equatorial position.... I will look if beans can climb the other way... about unwinding it and place it in reverse, I may just try that out soon!!


    ~ bangchik


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